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Transforming Brands To Create Genuine Cultural Value

About Studio Worrom

Studio Worrom is a queer female led strategy consultancy founded by Steph Morrow.

We work across brand, culture and communications strategy.

Together with our clients, we create ownable Brand Strategy + Architecture made to cut through the landfill of brand advertising, write Creative Strategy that results in sharper briefs for agency partners or internal creative teams, help clients to think differently about Talent and Partnerships, and build Growth Models to reach untapped audiences.


We’re a trusted partner to a selected range of clients, from start-ups to big, global brands.

Here is a selection of a few recent projects:

Netflix logo

We helped Netflix’s Creative Labs think more innovatively about how to use their Originals talent across both entertainment + marketing and brief internal teams to bring our ideas to life.

Halal logo

Halal is the most prominent production company in Amsterdam. We helped them position and launch their creative agency, Halal Studios, and reframe their perception in market from production house to end to end creative partner.

O2 logo

We partnered with Highsnobiety to build a new lifestyle sub-label for O2 to help them reach a more culturally progressive audience.

Snapnurse logo

Snapnurse is the fastest growing company in Atlanta. We built their brand proposition + architecture from the ground up.


As a queer female led company, we explicitly center intersectional perspectives and narratives, specifically the voices of women, LGBTQI+, BIPOC, disabled, working class and neurodivergent people. We put ecologically conscious thinking at the heart of our strategies. And live the strategic practices we recommend to our clients within our own business.

Though we are deeply committed to creating a sustainable and equitable future, we recognize the paradox every well-intentioned private sector business faces, which is that we are part of a system that thrives off consumption and unequal wealth extraction.

Within that system, we know that we can never be truly inclusive or sustainable, so instead focus on being as responsible as we can.

What does that mean in practice?

  1. We work with diverse teams to bring intersectional perspectives to client challenges.
  2. We follow a 5 to 1 salary ratio, where the highest paid person in a project can only ever make 5 times the lowest's salary.
  3. We actively reinvest 10% of our time & profits to queer initiatives.
  4. We openly share our inclusive and sustainable business practices as we go so that our clients can copy us when they work and learn from us when they don’t.

We have a monthly substack where we share articles with our POV on what’s happening in culture to help you shape yours.

You can check it out at the link here and sign up here.


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